vorarlberg Situated on the far western tip of Austria, the scenery of the Voralberg is dramatic and diverse. The glaciers of the Silvretta mountain ranges drop drastically to the shores of Lake Constance which has lush vegetation. In the summer Bregenz is the ideal for bicycle tours, swimming, sailing or just sightseeing. The winter season visitors populate the numerous slopes and hiking trails of the Voralberg.

The people in Vorarlberg speak a very distinct dialect which the other Austrians have a hard time understanding. It is nearly identical to those spoken in Switzerland, Baden-Württemberg and the Alsace region in France (they all belong to the Allemannic dialects whereas those of the rest of Austria form part of the Bavarian-Austrian language group). Generally this seems to be one dialect, but in fact every little town in Voralberg has it's own "secret" language. There are approximately 352,000 inhabitants in Vorarlberg split up into the 96 municipalities.


Coat of Arms by Dr. Peter Diem

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milka Milka Chocolate

Tender Melting Chocolate made of the best alpine milk.

Milka was born 1901 in Switzerland. Nowadays Milka Chocolate is manufactured in the chocolate factory of Bludenz/Vorarlberg, close to the Swiss border.

Since it's emergence the Milka bar has been in a lilac wrapper and decorated with a lilac cow surrounded by Alpine scenery.

The name "MILKA" consists of the words Milch and Kakao (Milk and Cacao in German).


Kaiser Waldhonig Salbei

kaiser waldhonig Kaiser Forest Honey Drops

Well tasting Neck Drops with liquid filling from highly nutritious Forest Honey.

Including Vitamine C.

The success of "Kaiser Drops" already begun at the end of the 19th century by Theodor Kaiser!



linzer torte Linzer Torte

This traditional Austrian Cake is manufactured by Ölz in Vorarlberg.

This traditional Austrian Cake, the Linzer Torte, has already been delivered during the Biedermeier period (1815-48) to a lot of various countries. This cake is a fame, well known in Europe, and perhaps in the whole world. It makes that the name of the city Linz is spoken in a sympathetic consideration with expressed comfort and pleasure.

In the year 1822 Johann Konrad Vogel (1796 - 1883) immigrated from Ansbach (Bavaria) to the Austrian city Linz, and started the mass production and the world wide delivery of the cake. But that does not make him to it's creator.

Already the princely cook from Salzburg "Conrad Hagger" describes in his cookery book in 1719 a special cake with sweet and good "Linzer Dough", and he may have relied thereby on older handwritten sources. In the Biedermeier period the popularity of this cake increased rapidly.


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