salzburg Salzburg is one of the smaller Austrian provinces but it is one of the most important for the tourism industry. Hundreds and thousands of visitors from all over the world visit the “Small Paradise” of Salzburg throughout the year. Unspoilt countryside with unique natural attractions such as the Hohe Tauern National Park, the beauty of the “Baroque Jewel” of the old town centre of Salzburg and in the surrounding communities offer an enchanting variety. Successful efforts are being made in Salzburg to preserve nature as the basis for an existence. Salzburg as a holiday destination is equally popular in winter and summer.

Salzburg can be regarded as the oldest and most important cultural and spiritual centre in present-day Austria. Although it had already been elevated to the rank of archdiocese in 798 and from the late Middle Ages onwards had formed a spiritual principality in the Holy Roman Empire, Salzburg is one of Austria’s youngest Länder. The development of the region and its ultimate separation from Bavaria, its mother country, was agreed in the fourteenth century but it was not until 1816 that Salzburg was incorporated into Austria. Of Austria’s present-day Länder or provinces, Salzburg is the only one to have been ruled as an independent state by a prince-archbishop and it is the only one of the many spiritual principalities of the Holy Roman Empire still to exist as an independent province.

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Coat of Arms by Dr. Peter Diem

Salzburg Inhabitants: 150.000
  • Salzburg´s Cathedral
  • St. Peter`s Abbey
  • Hohensalzburg Fortress
  • Mozart`s Birthplace
  • Getreidegasse

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    mozartkugeln Salzburger Mozartkugeln

    The Echte Salzburger Mozartkugeln from Mirabell in the unmistakable red-golden packaging are a favorite confection and a symbol for enjoyment. They are a highly appreciated gift, a typical Austrian souvenir and an internationally recognized synonym for Austria.

    The Echte Salzburger Mozartkugeln have a core made of marzipan, surrounded by a layer of dark and a layer of light nougat crème, coated in the finest chocolate.

    It was 1890 when the master pastry chef Paul Fürst from Salzburg invented the Mozartkugel. He formed a ball out of marzipan, rolled a hazelnut nougat crème layer evenly around the marzipan core by hand, and speared the ball onto a wooden pick. He then dipped the hardened ball into dark chocolate and kept turning it until the marzipan-nougat-ball was evenly covered with a layer of dark chocolate. Today, Mozartkugeln in the Konditorei Fürst in Salzburg are still made this way. The complex procedure of making them by hand was not suitable - with all due respect to tradition - to keep pace with the growing number of requests. Therefore, the traditional Salzburger Mirabell Company made its original manual production process more industrialized. However, for the manufacturing of this specialty, there are still 14 steps and each Echte Salzburger Mozartkugel requires 2 1/2 hours of work time. Today, the Echte Salzburger Mozartkugeln are exported to approximately 50 countries and function as the "sweet" ambassador of Austria.



    Stiegl Beer

    stiegl beer The new Stiegl-Spezial beer is brewed true to a hundred-year-old original recipe, now rediscovered and brewed to an original gravity of 12.5°.

    The owner of the Stiegl brewery, Dr. Heinrich Dieter Kiener, added Even back then the Spezial was my great uncle Heinrich Kiener I’s favourite beer, the man who laid the foundations for our latter-day success.

    This beer has a somewhat stronger flavour than the immensely popular Stiegl-Goldbräu; it is filled in nostalgic 50cl bottles with the traditional swing stopper, and is a full flavoured and well balanced beer.



    mozart likör Mozart White Chocolate Liqueur

    alc. 15% vol;
    Premium Blend of White Chocolate.

    Made of 100% natural ingredients, without artificial flavours, colours or preservatives and have a shelf life of 2 years in the sealed bottle and once opened, should be refrigerated and consumed within 6 months.

    White Mozart Chocolate Liqueur is an elegant and light liqueur with only 30% of the fat content of an ordinary cream liqueur.


    Hohensalzburg Fortress
    Hohensalzburg Fortress

    Mönchsberg 34
    A-5020 Salzburg
    Tel: +43-662-84-24-30-11

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    Mondsee Salzburg
    Lake Mondsee is only 27km drive on the motorway from the festival town of Salzburg. Because of that it's an ideal holiday resort for art lovers who wish to combine culture with nature. You will be captivated by the delightful and harmonious atmosphere of this wellloved resort with its romantic village centre near the broad, blue waters of the Mondsee and framed by beautiful flowering meadows and wooded heights (1134m) and towered over at the far end ofthe lake by the rocky peaks of the Schafberg (1783m).

    Stiegl Beer
    Stiegl Beer The Stiegl Brewery has been brewing premium quality beers for over 500 years. The personality and the philosophy of this family business have transformed Stiegl from a small-scale brewery into Austria's largest and most modern privately owned brewery.

    The Austrians have always been a beer drinking people and always known the value of the highest quality. All their beers have always beer brewed in compliance with the Purity Law of 1516.

    Only the best quality Austrian two-row summer barley, crystal clear mountain water from the nearby Untersberg mountain, and the finest hops from the best growing regions in Mühlviertel, in Bavaria and in the Czech and Slovak Republics guarantee that Salzburg's Stiegl beer is of the highest standards.

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    Museum of Natural History in Salzburg
    Museum of Natural History The Museum of Natural History includes:

    The Aquarium
    One of the most beautiful aquariums in Europe.
    42 tanks provide a fascinating view of marine and fresh water worlds. Our new 60.000 litre shark tank allows a close encounter with a coral reef teeming with life. You will be enthralled by the amazing variety of colours in our tropical fishes and may well catch a glimpse of the notorious piranha and other famous Amazonian fishes, as well as the spectacular inhabitants of Mediterranean and Austrian waters.

    The Reptile Zoo
    You will find more than 200 living reptiles and amphibians in 56 terrariums of exceptional quality near-natural habitats in aesthetically outstanding surroundings. Examples for the immense diversity of reptilian forms of life are found in breath-taking Mississippi alligators amidst tropical thunderstorms, world famous giant and poisonous snakes, and, during the warm season, a close-up view of Austrian reptiles in an open-air greenhouse.

    The Space Hall
    Discover the nature of the universe! Get in touch with the latest findings in the rapidly developing field of astronomy. Transport yourself into a different world when stepping on the surface of the moon with our unique diorama showing a life-size model of the Lunar Excursion Module. A Mercury spacecraft and a variety of model rockets complete the picture.

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