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niederösterreich Lower Austria is the province with the largest area under cultivation, mainly for agriculture and wine-growing. It is the country's biggest supplier of many agricultural products such as wheat and beet sugar. Lower Austria also produces excellent wines from the Wachau Valley, the Vienna area, Gumpoldskirchen, Baden and Vöslau--which are much in demand by connoisseurs.

Lower Austria became a federal province in 1918, and it's capital St. Pölten in 1986. St. Pölten is the youngest capital of Austrias federal provinces.

lower austria

Coat of Arms by Dr. Peter Diem

St. Pölten
St. Pölten Inhabitants: 50.000
Capital of Lower Austria
  • Rathausplatz
  • Former Carmelite Cloister
  • Government Quarter

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    auer tortenecken Auer Tortenecken

    The delicious hazelnut cream-filled wafers from Spillern/Stockerau are always a delightful experience to try.

    Die Firma AUER ist ein österreichisches Privatunternehmen mit weltweiten Geschäftsbeziehungen. Sie produziert und perfektioniert einzigartige Waffeln. Das Sortiment umfaßt die Klassiker Tortenecken (haselnußcremegefüllte Waffel) und Baumstämme (kakao- oder kaffeecremegefüllte Waffel) in verschiedenen Packungsgrößen Mini-Tortenecken und Mini-Baumstämme im Standbeutel sind die Antwort auf die geänderten Konsumgewohnheiten. Die Kubini-Linie -Waffelwürfel im Standbeutel- zeichnet sich durch außergewöhnliche Geschmacksrichtung und sehr plakatives Packungsdesign aus. Die zweite Produktlinie umfaßt eine breite Palette von Artikeln "rund ums Eis" - wie z.B. Hohlhippen, Fächerwaffeln in verschiedenen Ausformungen, Eiswaffeln, Eistüten und süße Becher. Dazu gehören auch Innovationen wie der eßbare Trinkhalm und die Eistüte mit Tropfrand. Alle AUER-Produkte werden ausschließlich aus natürlichen und hochwertigen Rohstoffen ohne künstliche Farb- und Aromastoffe hergestellt. Höchste Produkt- und Produktionsqualität sind Unternehmensgrundsätze.


    Jomo Guglhupf

    jomo guglhupf The traditional cake from Austria is called "Guglhupf". The sweet dish manufacturer JOMO from Lower Austria is producing one of the best in the Austrian market.

    Extraordinary is the good taste and the long lasting keeping quality.




    blaschke kokoskuppel Blaschke Kokoskuppel

    The original Blaschke Kokoskuppel was invented in the year 1921. A wonderful composition of crispy waffles, finest cacao creme and light cocos dipped in chocolate.


    Anderswelt Heidenreichstein/Lower Austria
    April 3, 2004 - October 2, 2004
    Anderswelt Wednesday - Sunday: Admittance 9 a.m. - 6 p.m.
    July, August: daily 9 a.m. - 6 p.m.

    The adventure is opened independently of any weather conditions. In low season special tours are possible for groups of more than 21 persons. Three weeks advance notification is neccessary.

    - link: www.anderswelt.at

    Cartoon Museum Krems
    cartoonmuseum The Cartoon Museum was built by the Viennese architect Gustav Peichl, also known as cartoonist Ironimus in a small town on the Danube, about one hour by car from Vienna. The roof of the museum is inspired by the Alpine landscape and is topped by a pointed hat. Underneath, on the building's facade, two windows simulate a puzzled look and a red light, a clown's nose. Commonly known as the Manfred Deix Museum because, although the ground floor is open to temporary exhibitions, the upper floor is devoted fully to the works of the most famous cartoonist in Austria, known for his merciless representation of his compatriots. Austrians, as Deix (see an example of his work on the right) likes to portray them, are variations on their peasant ancestry, stuffed by modern prosperity and drawn with simpleton looks.

    -link: www.karikaturmuseum.at

    Art Gallery Dürnstein
    artgallery Art Galerie is situated in one of the most beautiful places in Austria - the city of Dürnstein - called "The Pearl of Wachau Region".

    The Gallery was founded in 1990 by "Janus" (Janusz Pol-Stralkowski), an artist himself. Right from the beginning it was an author's gallery of Janus and his wife Danuta.

    The gallery presents a wide spectrum of artists' works. From realism and impressionism, which is characteristic of Danuta, to abstract and experimental ma byc creations of Janus.

    The Gallery has the largest collection of original etchings presenting the most beautiful places in Wachau Region. When you come to Dürnstein don't forget to visit Art Gallery located in the Schloss Hotel on the pillory square.

    -link: www.art-galerie.com/english

    Celtic Pyramid
    Celtic Pyramid Location: Waldviertel, Lower Austria

    The Celtic Pyramid is hidden in a wood between Castle Rosenau in which the "Freemasonmuseum" is located, and Gross Gerungs. Nobody knows the date of development or the exact meaning of this building. There are various of supposed uses.

    The pyramid was build on a crossroad of power lines which makes it quite possible that this mystic place served for ritual cult celebrations in former time.

    Dürnstein Dürnstein is a city, where history comes alive. The delightful narrow streets of the town, the monastery, the castle ruins above Dürnstein and the beautiful landscape of the Wachau-valley,all invite you to visit and explore.

    From the heurigen, the old-established inn´s to the best restaurants, everyone can find hospitality to suit their tastes.

    If it's sports events and activities or cultural inspiration you are looking for, you will always experience a rewarding time at the 'Gate of the Wachau' in Dürnstein.



    Therme Laa
    Laa Lower Austria

    Daily 9.00 - 22.00

    Theme Laa considers itself as the "multimedial thermal spring of the senses" and offers relaxation for ears and eyes. When the music starts to play under water and colourful rays of light dive into the pool in true colour symphonies, you will forget everything around, and start a magic journey of joy into relaxation.

    - link: www.therme-laa.at

    Democracy Museum in Weitra/Lower Austria
    Democracy Museum Experience in the context of the "Demokratieforum Weitra" a unique journey along the former iron curtain.

    Dip into the world of the communist dictatorships, which made fortresses out of their borders to the west.

    Travel along the former break line between east and west and see which traces barbed wire, wall and mine fields left back in the landscape.

    Your journey starts at the Luebecker bay. Here the demarcation line between the Federal Republic of Germany and the German Democratic Republic began. Look behind the window blinds of communist East Germany and learn about SED propaganda and everyday life of humans behind the Berlin wall. Become acquainted with the delightful landscape of the Boehmerwalds, which was over far distances military restricted area. Armed border soldiers secured here the barbed wire of the iron curtain. In the shade of the barbed wire the houses of the german-speaking population purged, who were cruelly driven out after the end of the Second World War. See the gentle landscapes along the Thaya and learn about the reprisals which humans in the former Eastern Bloc had to endure. Dip into the world of divided Vienna.

    Ten years long also Vienna lay behind the iron curtain, when the east of the country was occupied of Russian soldiers. Only the signing of the international treaty in the year 1955 made Austria again an independent state.

    Experience how trade was made over the iron curtain. Trading vessels traversed the iron curtain and provided a vivd east-west trade. Visit the three-land corner between Austria, Italy and today's Slovenia. Learn interesting facts about the holiday-maker streams to Titos Yugoslavia as well as about the immigrant workers in western countries. The journey along the former iron curtain is rounded off by valuable historical pictorial material, by numerous time witness interviews and a documentation over the resistance against the communist regime.

    - link: www.demokratieforum.at

    Rosenburg Castle
    Rosenburg Castle

    Lower Austria
    A-3573 Rosenburg 1
    Tel: +43-2982-29-11

    - link: Rosenburg Castle
    - link: www.rosenburg.at

    Artstetten Palace
    Artstetten Palace

    Lower Austria
    Artstetten 1
    A-3661 Artstetten
    Tel: +43-7413-80 06-0

    - link: Artstetten Palace
    - link: www.schloss-artstetten.at

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