carinthia - kärnten
styria Carinthia (Kärnten), has Austria's highest mountain, the Grossglockner (3798m/12,457ft) to the west and the Karawanken Mountains in the south, and Carinthia also has a mild climate. The famous lakes reach temperatures of 28°C (82°F), and earned Carinthia the European Environment Award for its superb water quality. From the Wörther See to the Hohe Tauern National Park (which extends into Tirol and Salzburg provinces), Carinthia offers a wide variety of excursions even in the winter, when the lakes ice over and become skating rinks and the ten ski resorts with 1000km (625-mile) pistes open their doors once again to the public.

Carinthia belongs to the Austrian heartland and is part of Austria since 1335. The territory originally belonged to Bavaria and became an independent duchy in 976; in 1286 it became part of Tyrol and in 1335 part of Austria. After the end of World War I a small part of southern Carinthia went to Yugoslavia -- today Slovenia -- and to Italy in the Saint Germain-en-Laye peace treaty (Sept. 10th 1919).


Coat of Arms by Dr. Peter Diem

Klagenfurt Inhabitants: 100.000
Capital of Carinthia
  • Statue of the 'Lindwurm'
  • Lake 'Wörthersee'
  • Minimundus

  • Villach
    Villach Inhabitants: 60.000
  • Warmbad Villach
  • Lake 'Faak am See'

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    Woerthersee Carinthia
    A breathtakingly beautiful lake, blessed with a sunny southern Alpine climate and stunning scenery. Known as the 'Austrian Riviera', clear, warm Lake Wörthersee has something for everyone. Around the beautiful 16 kms long lake, there are numerous places to visit including the historic capital Klagenfurt, excellent public transport systems including ferry boats, train services on the north side and bus routes along both sides of the lake, make getting around easy.

    Faaker See
    Faaker See Carinthia
    One of the most idyllic spots in Carinthia can be found on the Lake Faaker See. The turquoise waters of the lake that gently stroke the small island, and the bizarre rocks of Mittagskogel in the background contribute to a truly romantic atmosphere.
    Encounter the province´s 1000-year old history and feel the fruitful fields of tension at the intersection of three societies very close to the lake, at the Burgruine Finkenstein. Events like the Carinthian Summer, the international music weeks, and much more can be visited there.

    Minimundus in Klagenfurt/Carinthia
    Minimundus Minimundus considers itself to be in the business of "edutainment", thus placing equal emphasis on education and entertainment. Where else in Austria can you find out so much valuable information about architectural styles, cultures and other countries on one site - not just using classical media such as catalogues, but also, in keeping with the times, with the help of 3D "walks" through the interiors of models, audio guides and original sound documentation, or, increasingly, background music typical for a particular country. Our many moving models, such as the space shuttle which blasts off every hour, are part of the entertainment package.

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    Castle Strassburg
    Castle Strassburg

    A-9341 Strassburg
    Tel: +43-4266-2375-2804

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